How Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is Used to Treat Chronic Illnesses


To start with, PRP stands for platelet rich plasma. This is a special form of medication. Usually, physicians who have specialized in this line concentrates platelets cells on chronic injuries that occur in the body of a human person. So what are chronic injuries? Chronic injury can be termed as any form of physical injury, disease or illness that takes a bit of time to develop. Usually, the illness has to be persistent. In other words, it can repeat over and over again for a long time. Examples of chronic injuries include shin splint, heel inflammation, stress fractures, and runner’s knee among others.

In the human body, the parts that produce platelets are the bone marrow and stem cells. It is from these points that platelets get distracted. A research that was carried in the recent past showed how platelets could be utilized in the human body to bring forth healing of chronic injuries. Once platelets are extracted from bone marrow, they get concentrated in areas where the chronic injuries are. As a result of this, there is then a growth of various factors which then leads to the healing of the area.

But not everyone can be administered this form of medication. PRP Injections therapy is only suitable for certain people. People suffer from chronic diseases. The most difficult part is the burden of medication that comes with treatment. Since people are different, some people may afford medication while others suffer to worse conditions. To determine whether you can get PRP therapy, you are required to book an appointment with a particular health facility. This way, you will be taken through a procedure that will include different tests. Once everything is complete, the physician will book a day with you where PRP injection will be administered.

Note that, PRP for Pain Management takes the shortest time. After the procedure, you are guaranteed of recovery. Usually, people who suffer chronic illnesses undergo a lot of pain. The pain experienced comes and goes, and this is usually for a long period. It is the wish of such patients to find a remedy for the same. Since PRP therapy got advanced, patients no longer have to suffer in their condition.

This means that they can identify a health center where their pain can be controlled. PRP therapy can also treat ligament and muscle injury, fractures and arthritis. This procedure can take less than thirty minutes for every session. Here are more related discussions about health at


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